At The 3D Factory we manufacture our 3d products using state of the art lenticular technology, we are leading the field in Australia and supply to many markets, from tourism to the corporate sector.

The art of lenticular printing has actually been around for over 20 years but with the continued improvements in technology it is only now that its full magic is being realized, we are at the forefront of these continued developments and are continually adding to our range.

Lenticular printing can be used to produce various effects from almost real life images that you can almost touch to flip technology that incorporates multiple images on one card. Our latest innovation of 5D has to be seen to be believed.

We have a huge range of stock designs in all products that can be overprinted with your outlet, resort name or logo to fully personalise.

We are supplying Tourist Resorts at home and abroad and our website is just a small part of what we are able to do.

We can even go the next step and produce products from your own images or photographs. So if you’re looking to produce something with the wow factor for your next launch or corporate event, then we are ready and waiting.

Whether its postcards, magnets or gift cards, whether you’re a resort or a theme park looking to produce something a little different the 3D factory has a team of graphic designers that can turn your ideas into reality.

The 3D factory sharing the magic of 3D….