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Unique Australian gifts and souvenirs

Australia is a country like no other. The distinctive flora and fauna, not to mention it’s distinctive culture, make for fascinating gifts and souvenirs that shine all over the world.


Although there are endless icons on the land down under, their variety on display isn’t always wide-ranging. A multitude of mass-manufactured items are on offer in markets and shops all over the continent, with the hand-crafted touch that brings something special sometimes on show. At The 3D Factory, we offer a third option that might just take the cake.


With the capacity to create 3D products that are entirely unique, we set the stage for new standards of souvenirs. The range of printing methods under our roof enables you to generate gifts and souvenirs that stand apart in their look and feel, allowing you to break through the crowded market to place something special on the scale.


Australian promotional products are yours for the taking

There’s plenty to promote about Australia. If you’re travelling to the other side of the world, the fascinating forms that make up our native art, style, and nature are in-demand internationally.


This large landmass has huge diversity in all corners. While the world may watch from afar in wonder, and something, there’s plenty of home-grown promotion to bring to the forefront. From Australia’s iconic city life to quaint country towns and remote locations, the opportunity to carve out a niche in producing tailored native promotional products is enormous.


The sheer diversity of our stock enables you to create unique designs that cut past the well-known Australian associations and make your own mark of distinction. The effort to express your perspective through promotional material is sure to pay off – take the first steps to making it a reality and get in touch with our team.


Sample souvenirs and gifts sustainably

Shopping for souvenirs can be a challenge. Finding the right piece to represent a holiday, or take home to friends and family is entirely dependent on the personality –  which is infinitely, wonderfully, varied.


We give you the opportunity to introduce out-there items in small quantities that you can test out, take to market, and carve out your own niche. With an offering of Australian souvenirs and gifts, and promotional products that show off new angles, it’s worth your while to venture into a new direction through our wonderful world.


Create genuine, distinctive Australian gifts and souvenirs that cast a new light on the Land Down Under.

Designed to stand out

Whether it’s a postcard, magnet, gift card and whether you’re a small resort or an enormous theme park, The 3D Factory uses the magic of 3D to turn your ideas into reality.

We can produce custom made 3D products from existing images or develop an entirely customised design.

"Quality products at competitive prices…small minimum quantities, allowing us to provide a wider range of stock."

Dan Fitzgerald – Manager Alice Springs Telegraph Station

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