Desert Operations

The 3D Factory’s Unique 3D Postcard

The Challenger 2(CR2) is the British Army’s main battle tank. The Cr2 is based on the original Challenger 1 tank, which served with distinction on operations in the Gulf War and the Balkans. Only 5% of the Cr2 components are interchangeable with its predecessor, which has more than 150 major modifications including a completely new turret, L30 CHARM 120mm gun and second generation Chobham armour.

The Jackal is a highly manoeuvrable Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit (MWMIK) vehicle that dramatically improves upon the adapted Land Rover WMKI.

The Chinook is a large, tandem rotor helicopter operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF). The RAF Chinook fleet is the largest outside the United States. RAF Chinooks have seen extensive service in the Falklands War, the Balkans, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0


160mm X 110mm

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