We bring the adventure to you through the magic of 3D

Whether it’s a postcard, magnet, gift card and whether you’re a small resort or an enormous theme park, The 3D Factory uses the magic of 3D to turn your ideas into reality.

Supplying the world

At the 3D Factory, we turn experiences into lasting memories. Featuring advanced, lenticular technology that is indistinguishable from magic, we build products that truly capture a memory.

Sharing the Magic of 3D, we transport a person to a time and place of your choosing. Whether it’s transporting someone to their first outback adventure, the moment they made a memorable new connection, or the time they experienced something for the very first time, anything is possible.

Go custom

A truly one stop shop for the design, manufacture and supply of 3D products, The 3D Factory is uniquely positioned to drive innovation and achieve scale on any client request.

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