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We bring the adventure to you through the magic of 3D

Whether it’s a postcard, magnet, gift card and whether you’re a small resort or an enormous theme park, The 3D Factory uses the magic of 3D to turn your ideas into reality.
Using state of the art lenticular technology with a team of talented 3D Graphic Designers, we can produce products from existing images or develop an entirely customised design. We have a huge range of custom designs in all products that can be overprinted with your outlet, resort name or logo to fully personalise.

The 3D Factory is a wholesale supplier to some of the largest Corporate, Retail and Tourism entities

A truly one stop shop for the design, manufacture and supply of 3D products, The 3D Factory is uniquely positioned to drive innovation and achieve scale on any client request.
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Discover 3D lenticular printing and capture larger-than-life results

Printing is a true art form. Beginning from the dawn of analogue photography, creatives across the globe have searched for ways to bring their vision into a realistic form. Tricks of the eye, impeccable artistic skill, and other techniques have been implemented in ever-changing ways – but none quite match the wonder of lenticular printing.

With an extra dimension that delivers an impact unlike any other, motion printing is something special. The images produced are a combination of graphic skill, combined with visual, tangible elements that take the image to a new level.

These days, thanks to lenticular technology, there are a number of ways this process can be used to cater to clients’ needs.

Ultimately, this technique uses special lenses that are used to create a special illusions. In other cases, it gives the picture a sense of ‘movement’ and a certain finish from different angles.

Effects include:

Depth: 3D depth can be created by using volumetric objects within the final product. No glass is needed to see this work in action, as the picture is printed on a completely flat surface.

Morph: Multiple objects change between another set, making it look as if one image is turning into another.

Flip: Most ideal for advertisements where multiple images are required in the frame, this method places several pictures on the same surface (usually poster). This reduces promotional advertising costs as well.

Animation: Using sequential frames, this technique crafts a move clip that’s short in length. Please note that your video must be fully HD and under two seconds long.

If your products are meant to make heads turn, you’ve come to the right place. Our designs are far from flat and don’t blend into the piles of papers and pamphlets in the background. We prefer to provide an extra layer of depth to our customers’ branding, letting them showcase their vision in all its glory.

It’s an eye-catching effect that exhibits any photo or promotional product in spectacular style. Whether you’re launching a new campaign or want to get the word out on a theme park ride, these prints are perfect for promo that proves to be mesmerising marketing.

If a motion picture print is on your menu, we can make it happen. Our graphic designers are wizards in the workshop, and can skillfully take the images you desire, and turn them into stunning products that pack a punch. With a process in place that manifests the magic you had in mind, it’s truly a marvel to see these designs come into creation.

Explore a new dimension of beautiful art made through 3D lenticular printing and capture larger-than-life reality for your brand now.

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