Bring your business into the magical world of 3D through Lenticular Printing

The 3D Factory is a wholesale supplier to some of the largest Corporate, Retail and Tourism entities across Europe and the Asia Pacific.


The 3D Factory can provide outstanding corporate merchandise, promotional & branded products


At the 3D Factory, we turn experiences into lasting memories. We show the adventure through the magic of 3D

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Make your marketing efforts stand out by choosing to 3D lenticular printing. Make important images, taglines, logos, or offers look as if they are popping out from the surface; from handout membership VIP cards or go large for POS poster displays.

Put your spin on wholesale promotional products

Promoting to the masses can be a costly matter when customisation is in your sights. The balance between branded promotional merchandise and affordable pricing can be precarious at times – but not The 3D Factory.

We have a whole range of options that enable you to put your mark on our material, and make as many pieces as you wish. With our unique offering of high-creativity, low-cost, and excellent service, we’re able to pump out your branded material with vibrant results and great prices to match.

Your event, corporate campaign, or sales promotion will be unlike any other when you venture into the workings of our factory. Not only are our designs a level above the norm; they’re also replicable without restraint, and easily reworked when you’re looking for something a little different. We don’t put a cap on your choices, so there’s plenty of room to explore, test, and buy wholesale promotional products that enrich your venture with the essence of excellence.

Your brand is the most unique expression of your business. It has its own personality, vibe, and an unmistakable stamp that is made to be released into the world. You might not quite find the right fit in showcasing this through conventional promotional products on offer – but we can assure you, if you think differently, we’re here for you.

Our products are something else. They give you all the room you need to showcase your brand in all it’s beauty. The sheer variety of our stock ensures that you’re free to find items that mean something to your mission. If you’re in the business of breaking new ground, we can even tailor products to your brand to create something entirely fresh, but still giving you a personable touch.

With a talented team of designers and technicians on our factory floor, we have all the answers to your wholesale needs. The items we create can be made at various volumes, so you can buy as you need or in bulk.

Talk to our team of experts today and put a spin on your competitive edge.

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